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  • Doctors diagnosed Nike, the pug, with a heart murmur when he was a puppy. But when his behavior dramatically changed after this 10th birthday, owner Debbie Muldowney knew something had changed – for the worst.
    March, 2008

  • TAMPA BAY – Pit bulls are commonly in the news, making headlines in stories involving violence, like dog fighting or attacks. But a training class in Tampa Bay, Florida is showing how this breed isn’t born mean, and how environment contributes to the …
    March, 2008

  • I'm a hi-cut brief or boyshort kind of girl, preferably cotton too. No matter what type of skivvies you wear, these new security restrictions when you fly are enough to get even your prettiest unmentionables in a bunch. No lotions or gels in your carry-on?!? What's scaly-skin girl to do?
    August, 2006

  • Skid marks are never a good thing – especially when they are on clothes. Why advertise your grooming habits, right? This little product will wipe away any evidence.
    September, 2006

  • Santa Fe meets New York City at Casa Caballero. At this unisex salon located at 9729 N. Armenia Avenue, about a half mile north of Busch Boulevard, you can be soothed, styled and even satisfy your shopping fix!
    September, 2006 Blogs