MultiMedia/Convergence Reporting

Long before news organizations made the scramble to embrace – and launch – their multimedia efforts, Victoria Lim reported for broadcast, newspaper and online. Her award-winning work on each platform enhances the content on each medium, providing more information than any other news organization.

  • Victoria Lim's special report, "A Goal for Haiti: Pascal Millien's story" took her to Haiti, a year after the devastating earthquake killed thousands. The TV stories show Millien's efforts to create a soccer academy and foundation for the children in his home city. The online text story tells how Millien came to America 15 years before and how he became an American citizen. The web-exclusive audio slideshow provides a news angle to the country, still left in shambles from the natural disaster.
April, 2011

With each shriek of the smoke alarm, Mary Clark of Tampa became more and more anxious. The doors and windows to the house were all closed. But the ear-piercing beeps were so loud, even her neighbors who stood in her driveway could hear them. But her 3-year-old son JC and their 7-year-old neighbor Brianna didn't. Both slept through the alarm perched just a few feet from the bedroom.
The Tampa Tribune
December, 2006

  • A study claims that different types of smoke alarms that emit different sounds are more effective than others. Victoria Lim puts them to the test.
    WFLA-TV NewsChannel 8
    December, 2006